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Not a NASCAR fan but this is awesome


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"This jacket is Awesome, it's an official NASCAR Charter Racing Greg Biffle Jacket, signed by Greg Biffle. That's Awesome, how awesome, I understand that Greg Biffle himself did not want to give this jacket back after signing it, rumor has it that a law suit had to be threatened for Greg Biffle to give it back. Keep in mind that Greg Biffle signed this jacket, so he had to touch it, touching this jacket is like touching Greg Biffle, wearing this jacket is like getting a big manly hug from Greg Biffle on a cold winter's morning.


Its winter and you need a Jacket, this is an awesome jacket, and having this jacket this winter will make this winter an awesome winter, buy this jacket and you buy happiness.


Perfect gift, make someone else happy, or buy it and wake up every morning in a warm Biffle bear hug it's your choice!"

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