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Tirerack Winter Set

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I'm sorry if this has been asked or posted before. I did look through the threads to see before I posted though.


Tirerack has a set of 17" wheels with Blizzaks for a very good package price that I'm considering. Have any of you actually tried fitting 17" wheels on your car? I'm pretty sure I've seen them before on (ahem) another forum and our brakes are actually the same size as those of a regular Taurus if I am not mistaken but I'd just feel a little more comfortable if any of you have personally fit such a wheel to your car or at least can vouch that they do fit. Tirerack swears that they do fit and I know they are a good company but maybe I'm just a little antsy about this.


P.S.: I know that they'll look stupid on the car compared to the 20's but sitting hind end in the air in a ditch looks more stupid right?


Thanks everyone!

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