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Got my SHO back from the body shop!

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I got my SHO back today after being repaired from hitting a large piece of metal at 65mph on the highway. (previous post)


Here's what they ended up doing:


Replaced fuel tank with new one (part alone was about $900!)

Replaced damaged fuel line (short section connecting to tank)

Removed all seats, sills and interior trim

Removed carpet and padding

Pounded punctured areas back into shape

Filled and welded damaged areas

Painted top and bottom sides and weather sealed

Re-install padding and carpet

Re-install sill and trim pieces

Re-install seats


Fortunately there was no structural damage so the integrity of everything was unaffected.


So those repairs were around $2600, which was mostly covered by my insurance.


The alignment was checked at a Ford garage, and while doing the final test drive they could hear a wheel bearing making noise. So they checked the front-passenger side (opposite of where all the other damage was) and found that the wheel bearing was wore out. The car has less than 36k miles, so the wheel bearing was fixed under warranty, thank goodness.


So now my baby's back and good as new! I'm thrilled to be driving it again; the rental '12 Fusion I had was ok, but that 4-banger was pretty anemic!



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