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Transmission Clunk fix?

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Has anyone had any luck getting the Transmission Clunk fixed? I have a 2011 SHO built 7/11 which is just outside the range of TSB 11-12-10. I have seen on other posts and forums that the TSB has not fixed the problem and also seen 2012 cars with the same issue. I guess my question is has anyone actually found a fix or is everyone just living with the clunk? I have had it to 2 different Ford dealers and neither one can figure it out.

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I had plenty of clunky episodes before and some after the TSB fix. Never gone completely away. My best guess then was transmission confusion caused by software glitch. It's happening a lot less often for me of late but I still think it's software. I'm going to do a re flash to a previous version of Stage 4+ tomorrow to test out something else and I'm expecting I will have to go through the long slow tranny learning curve and I'm thinking I will probably see an increase in clunkyness. My failsafe fix for a clunk episode is to pull into M then back into D. Hasn't failed to straighten it out yet.

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I have clunk issues as well, usually going up my 45 degree driveway, seems like when it's downshifting to first, but also a few rare times just normal drive, I think between 2nd & 3rd. On my '10 I have an extended 7yr 60k warranty & waiting till it get worst to take in. I talked to the service mgr @ my dealer who's been very good & he said I could bring it in but to really solve it, it has to get so they can reproduce it. So far happens only in auto mode. Can go months without anything then all of a sudden a couple times then gone. When I use manual, which isn't that often, unless I get someone who wants to play, never had an issue.


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