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Advance Trac Issue

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I am wondering if anyone with 2013 SHO w/PP has had the Advance Trac Service Soon Warning pop up. Unfortunately it usually clears on restart... the first time this happened it was with 2000 miles on it at SHO convention. Just recently it came on and would not clear until the next day(so I set appt). Took it into ford and they pulled the historical code, but were not able to figure it out since the system is working..

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I have learned to embrace that control, ever since owning a Mustang. Something to be said about hammering a mustang in the rain and staying straight and accelerating.


I wondering if it just glitch it sensor hiccup.

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I pretty much turn off advance trac every time I get into the car due to the slick roads. I hate when I go to punch it and the car thinks it needs to shut down because I spun a bit. I haven't had it come on yet though.


I too have learned to just leave it on. Especially since I am still on the F1 super car tires. When it gets below 40 degrees these things are slick as snot. throw in any water or snow and your are risking it.


I agree that when I want to hammer it, yes I would like for the wheels t spin and keep me in controll.


my problem is, i dont trust these tires in the winter. i dont want to be mid corner and have a wheel lose traction when i have just a thumb on the wheel. the advance track will step in and do it's job.


now, in the summer, yes i will definatly go into "trck mode" more.

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I took mine in for servicing, and there was a code saved, but everything they checked that could cause the code was operating fine... Got to love computers.....


I am hoping it will com on again and I will drive it right there and not restart it until they pull the code again. Yet I have had no issues all winter with the car.. so I am chalking up to momentary blip of a sensor.





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