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Catch Cans, Discuss?

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What it is:

Oil blow by, which causes oil to build up in the intake. By adding a catch can to the PCV system it helps eliminate this issue by capturing the oil in the can before it gets cycled through to the intake. This not only keeps the intake cleaner, but it also has the benefit of not causing the cars computer to pull timing, which can happen if there is excess oil in the intake.


Other terms:

A catch can basically collects excess oil that is sucked out of the crankcase via the PCV valve, it sits inline and instead of allowing oil to return to the intake manifold to be reburned by the engine it collects it in a catch can. Also keeps your Throttle body cleaner. No performance increase however.




Did this on my Dodge Charger, what about a Ford? Every few of oil changes I would need to empty the can.


Dodge had a central PCV valve that returned vapor to the intake. Not sure how ford does it but I see two lines running into the intake.

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