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LMS Tune Question


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Hi everyone!


I've searched and have not been able to find the answer but can someone tell me if:


a) The SCT X3 tune ordered from LMS writes to volatile memory? In other words, does the PCM retain the tune if the battery is disconnected?


B) Does the tune replace the 'As-Build' code in the PCM?


c) If (B) is the case, has anyone blanked their PCM as a result of a corrupted upload?


Thanks again!



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a) The LMS tune (and all others also) writes to non-volatile memory, so it is retained if the battery is disconnected.

B) The tune replaces the as built code in the PCM, but the stock code is stored on the SCT so that it can be returned to "as built" when needed.

c) I think one of the members did, but can't remember. There is an inherent risk (just like updating BIOS in a PC) that if you don't follow the instructions, or lose power during the upload that it will corrupt the PCM.

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