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Fuse for dash accessory outlet.

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2013 Taurus


Damn generic cell phone charger!!!


I blew all three of my 12v accessory outlets while on vacation. Just got back (to snow :( )


I was able to find, and replace, the 20A "cartridge maxi fuses" for the accessory outlets that are located in the center console (#9) as well as the one for the rear seat area (#20)-- both in the fuse box under the hood.



But I am unable to locate the fuse that is for the 12v accessory outlet that is located in the dash from the manual(s). I haven't yet gone and started pulling random 20A fuses to run continuity tests on them, but figured I'd ask here first before I went to that length.


Here are links to the manuals, maybe I am missing it:


Fist Printing - Starts on page 271 - http://www.motorcraftservice.com/pubs/content/~WODTAU/~MUS~LEN/42/13tauom1e.pdf

Second Printing - Starts on page 276 - http://www.motorcraftservice.com/pubs/content/~WODTAU/~MUS~LEN/42/13tauom2e.pdf




And while I am asking dumb questions. I want to add accessory outlet and LED lights inside the trunk area. I noticed that there are "unused" slots in the fuse box. Can these be utilized to keep a clean factory look?





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Can't help you on fuse locations, but as to the empty spots in fuse box I suppose you could make use of them but there are no terminals in them. Meaning there is no electrical terminals to hold on to a fuse in those blank locations. But that not to say it can't be done, just don't know where you can get those terminals.

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Looks like #27 fuse in power distribution box in engine compartment (cigar lighter) may be a possibility for indash 12v outlet.


Good catch. I would bet that is it. I was looking for "cigarette lighter" and zipped on past that.


Thanks for the keen eye. I'll post one way or another to close out this thread once I get home tonight to do it.



Thanks again SHOdded.



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#27 it was.


I read those few pages several times. Slowing down and forcing myself to read each word. But I was still looking for "Accessory", "12-volt", "cigarette", "power outlet", and my mind reFUSEd to see the obvious.


Thanks again!



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