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transmission fluid change

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I have read that. I am curious how much if I just pull the drain plug and then refill it. Assuming not all of the fluid will drain.


When I had my Transmission TSB done a few weeks back I was told about 5-6 quarts would drain out. When I picked up the car they told me that 8 Quarts were put back into the car after dropping the tranny pan and valve body out of the trans.


So my best guess would be 6-8 Quarts of fluid with just a drain and refill.

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Old post, but I just changed the ATF in my 2014 SHO. I had to use a 7/16" socket for the drain plug (wasn't metric) and painstakingly measured the fluid drained. It was 4.60 quarts (about 4 qt and 575 mL). I read the FSM and it says if the front control cover was removed, to just refill 4.5 qt (seems similar to a drain). If the trans is disassembled, then to refill to 6.5 qt. Ford manuals never consider the torque converter to be part of the transmission, so there's fluid in the converter as well - based on the owners manual capacity, it seems like ~5 qt of ATF sits in the converter.

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