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Orange Peel do you have it?

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So I washed and waxed by SHO last week, and I really hadn't noticed the amount of orange peel in some of the panels. I got the car last November and haven't been able until now to do a really good polish of the car. But I am really disappointed in the finish of the paint in some areas. It's weird the hood, roof and trunk are decent, but the doors, rear quarters and rear bumper have a lot more orange peel than I would expect.


So my question to you is do you have it? and how bad?


BTW my 2011 Explorer is the same paint color and it's not nearly as bad.

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All cars do to some degree. And unfortunately we continue to see more of this due cost savings in the manufacturing process. All Ford plants are either in process or currently painting cars in what is called a 3 wet process.

Prior the 3 wet process cars where primer and painted in separate paint booths. Doing this separate applications allow the primer to flash longer and flow out before is baked, which equals less orange peel.

Now the 3 wet process the car is primed&painted all in paint booth where flash time of primer is reduce to a matter of a couple of minute before top coats are applied.

At my plant we are currently in the process of phase out the old way, and I am not satisfied at all with the new results while many car owners for the fusions will be satisfied with cars paint but many Mustang owner will not and Shelby owners will probably very unhappy with.

Our managements at the plant job is to concerned with cost savings, its up to corporate to realize that the customer is unhappy with and realize the repercussion of lost sales due to.

My suggestion is to let Ford your not happy with.

Now as to correcting a good polishing by professional will yield a better finish.

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A fine to medium grade polish your paint can a lot of polishing. Been in the paint industry for 25yrs, while the clear on your car is only a few micron thick. There is enough there to even wet sanded and polish by a competent professional. I have personally have spent many many hours machine polishing my SHO finish. Was pretty gritty looking when bought it.

But polishing is very safe if you know what your doing. Adams has a very excellent system with a lot of help videos. Heat being a major factor in burning your paint from polishing this very hard to do with foam polish pads as they will fall a part if they get to hot.

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