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2013 NY Auto Show


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After 3 years of not being able to make it, I was finally able to go to the show this year, and it was definitely worth the wait. I didn't take pictures of anywhere near everything, just the important stuff (skipped most of the boring basic cars). One thing I can take away from this show, there are so many rude people that go to these shows. People just stand around in the way while you're trying to take pics, just talking to people or playing on their phones. And I won't even get into the parents' lack of control for their kids...just smearing their hands all over these multi-thousand dollar cars, or in one case, a kid just straight up hanging on the open door of an Audi A7. But, enough ranting, here's a few of my fav's, and the link to the full album is at the bottom.


Shelby 1000...



I've recently become an Aston fan, and this was probably one of my favorites from the whole show...



New GT3...drool...



Satin Blue R8...



Loved the color of this M3...



I still think this may be the best looking car ever made...



Michael Strahan must be looking to buy an Aston...



I never liked the NSX concept til I seen it in person...



Really hoping the WRX stays true to this concept, minus the exhaust tips...



I especially like the taillights...



Whole album:

Link To Photobucket

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