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FORD Lowering Springs?

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I was curious, does Ford make a set of lowering springs for our SHO's? If they do (or do not) can we take our cars to the dealer for the install of any springs? It seams they would would be the best source for the work. And would it effect warranty? It just seams there are thousands of Fords that get lowered and I would think Ford does an install to help us that cannot do the install ourselves.

Anybody have a thought?


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Ford does not offer a lowering spring for the SHO, but H&R and Eibach do.


You can take the springs to a Ford dealer and they will install them for you (for a price). Some Ford dealers are better than others as far as quality work is concerned, but that goes for all shops.


Springs shouldn't affect the warranty, but having it done at a dealership helps with other warranty issues down the road. If you bring your car there for service, they would be more inclined to help you.

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