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Adjustable Struts and Shocks

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If you don't have the performance pack can you pick up those shocks/struts and springs? I've driven a couple of cars with aftermarket coilovers and I don't think I'd want them on anything other than a dedicated track/fun car. I'm real happy with the PP suspension, seems to be a good balance of performance and comfort.

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Sorry for misquoting the weight. I saw the gross weight and not the curb weight. I was looking on edmunds.com. So when Megen and STD made the coilovers I'm wondering if they used the base model FWD flex is the fitment guinea pig or the ecoboost Flex, then as you described, the weight difference is next to nothing for the FWD if that is the case. Even 500lbs probably wouldn't be a huge enough difference. I'm with you 12SHOMAN, I think I'm probably just going to order the Flex setup when I'm ready. I'm just dreading taking off the front suspension again! lol...

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