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Took my 2013 SHO down the track!


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Nice numbers. More details please. Are you PP or non PP? Track temp, miles and mods (if any) on the car? What RPM (if any) did you launch at?
Non pp with about 2300 miles. No mods yet, that was completely stock. The temp was in the 60's.

When I get second light turned on the tree I hold the brake and put the gas to the floor and launch by letting go of the brake really fast. This was the best way for me to get a decent 60ft. I only got a 2.02 60ft.

I was crossing the line at very top of 3rd and think that helped mph.

The week before it went 13.8 @ 102 with 3/4 tank of gas and a little warmer that day.

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