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CAI w/o tune

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Howdy folks new to the forums as well as new to owning a turbo charged car and I had a couple of questions. I've always run K&N filters on my cars and motorcycles just for the better breathing and cleanable filters. However I'm not really looking to make more power, the SHO has plenty enough as it is for me, I was looking at going to the K&N typhoon setup (though I have not been able to find a part# for the SHO, just for the 2013 Taurus) and I wanted to know if I can run the car without going to a tune. Will the ECU "learn" the new air flow and adjust, assuming I'll need to disco the batt for 30 mins to clear the system, but upon re-connection and running will it figure things out and run fine?


Thanks for any feed back!




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Hey there!


The part# you are looking for is 69-3531TS for the 2013 SHO, which is the same for the other years. Many folks are running with just an intake and no tune, or combo of intake / exhaust with no tune. I will be purchasing the same Typhoon as well. Now, I will say AirRaid is a fantastic sponsor here, and that is another intake option. The overall difference between the two is that the K&N does not seal against the hood like the AirRaid does, so you hear the turbos spool as well as the pressure release when dumping boost. The AirRaid Part # is 450-260 or 451-260 for the non-oiled version.


As far as disconnecting the battery, I believe it is in the instructions to do so, but I believe the ECU will learn it just fine over a couple of drives with no disconnect of the battery.

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I checked w/ my dealer before i got mine & he said only way would void warranty is if water got sucked into the engine. The odds of that happening are nil with the position on the CAI on the SHO. Now my friend w/his '06 vette, the cai is faced down directly towards the street & is a bumper level, but he's out of warranty anyway.


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I also checked with my dealer and service manager, neither a CAI or a tune voids the warranty, as mval stated if water gets sucked into the engine that would rest on my shoulders but the presence of either does not void it. If problems occur and the service dept feels it is the mods it rests on them to prove that. This is my 3rd car from this dealer and I've cleared all my mods through them 1st. Previous cars were a 2005 Mustang GT and a 2012 Boss 302, both heavily modded.


As for running a CAI and no tune, at this point I don't want to muck with how the car runs, however I prefer a cleanable open element air cleaner, and I like the noise the K&N makes. This also sets the stage for if/when (and odds are I will) I do decide to up the output of this car. On my last car, the Boss, I had it tweaked and tuned to 500hp and as a daily driver it was a hand full, fun as all get out but a hand full.


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Unless Ford treates these cars differently than Mustangs, either of these mods can void your powertrain warranty.


There is even a TSB Ford sends to the dealers instructing them on what to look for in the vehicles.


If you have a good relationship with the dealer and or service manager this is more than likely a non-issue.


However, if a major component fails (Engine, Trans, etc) Ford can (and has) send out an engineer to inspect the vehicle who does not know you at all and his entire job is to keep Ford from having to pay for the repairs. Your relationship with the dealer or service manager means nothing at this point as that engineer has full authority on the matter.


I am pretty sure the owners manual even mentions this.

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Interesting, TSB 10-2-6 does mention intake mods as well as the tune and exhaust so I was wrong on that. Turbo overspeed conditions are mentioned frequently. Obviously there are a lot of folks running modded and stable that haven't experienced issues, but the verbiage does give Ford the right to void the warranty if it is determined that the modification was the cause.

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