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drag racing question

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That might make sense if you were in a lighter weight 500 plus RWHP stick car. On a heavy 4 door AWD car you should have no worries. I launched by brake tq'in around 2500 RPM. Drag racing is ALL in your 60 ft time and if that's slow you will be slow. So here is what I rec'd having just been to the track....traction control off, sport mode, launch from 2500 RPM.


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How many miles on your Goodyear F1's? I have owned a few cars that came with these from the factory. All of them turned to crap much over 8-10,000 miles. Yes, when it is hotter outside you will have more grip.


Livernois says 1700-1800 rpm brake boost and go in "D" drive. Let the transmission shift for you.

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I think someone on here has already had some front end suspension pieces made and they made a difference in his launch. The reason for my question about the 2nd gear launch is because with the PP transmission the shift points occur so quickly I was just curious to see if anyone had tried a 2nd gear launch. Since the torque curve starts at such a low RPM and the PP gearing is also very low, it seemed plausible at least for someone to have tried a 2nd gear launch as a test. I believe SHOMan commented though that the transmission while allowing you to shift into 2nd gear while stopped (I know it will because I tried it, just didn't launch from 2nd) the car will quickly down shift back to 1st thus not allowing you to launch from 2nd gear.

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