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My dealers service dept is AWFUL!!!


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So my '13 SHO's front driver blinker isn't working.

I make appointment #1 on their webpage and got an auto response. I don't hear anything from them for 3 days. On the morning its due to go in I call before I leave just incase. They have no idea what I'm talking about. I make appointment #2 with the guy on the phone for later that day and he takes all my info. I goto the dealership for appoint #2, get in there, and the people at the service desk have no idea what I'm talking about. I give them all the info AGAIN (appointment #3?). Five hours later my dad says "oh call them, they just wait and call everyone at 4 then its jammed when you get there. I call and they say they have to order a new smj (smart junction box). They don't know when it'll be in so they take my cell number and promise to call me as soon as it comes in. Four days later I call checking on it because they told me they wouldn't know a lead time untill they actually ordered the part. "Oh yea that's been sitting here a few days..." I make appointment #4 for it to be replaced. I drop my car off 2 days later, Friday, for appointment #4 at 8am. I call around 1pm since I haven't heard anything from them so I assume they're waiting until the end of the day to call people. "We're having trouble getting your car to communicate to program the smj" Ok, it works just fine with my scanner so I give them more time. I get a call at 5:15 saying they needed my second fob to program the module but the tech left at 5 so they'll have my car all weekend! Well shit you should have known you needed both fobs and not waited 8 hours until the tech WENT HOME to call me. (I read you copied the old module then uploaded it to the new module and didn't need to program anything.)


Fast forward to Monday. I hear nothing so I call at 2pm for an update. "Oh we were just talking about your car. We can't get it to program so we're waiting on Ford to call us back." Why didn't you call them on Friday when it wasn't working??? They say they'll call me tomorrow with an update. I'm not holding my breath. I informed them I'm driving from OH to FL for vacation on Thrusday and I'll either have my car of they'll be paying for a minivan rental and he side steps it.


Its bad enough they can't figure out how to update the module but the worst part is their communications and managing the problems that arise.

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That royally stinks. Took me 3 tries to find a good delaer here. I had sworn off Ford products because of it, but then a former Ford Truck/Kenworth delaer became a full service Ford franchise in January, so I tried them out and they are stellar. Purchased 2 cars from them this month as well (one for me and one for a friend). I completely feel for you though, it's awful being at the mercy of an incompetent service department with your pride and joy.

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