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High pitched "whistle" under full boost

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This started last week after I did a 70-140 pull on the interstate. It doesn't sound mechanical. I've narrowed it down to possibly being wastegate related. Under light load if I listen closely I can hear the normal noise of the turbos spooling but as soon as I dip into the throttle to a point where the wastegates would be moderating the boost I hear the high pitched "whistle". It's quite noticeable in the cabin - as if someone is under the dash, well, blowing a whistle. Performance and everything is still as it should be - no CEL. I can drive normally and not hear it for days if I'm not applying enough throttle to reach full boost.


I'm going to get underneith here this weekend and take a look at everything. Possibly an air leak and as air is passing by it is creating a resonance to cause this noise.


Figured I would post up and see if anyone else experienced anything similar. Possibly a common connection that becomes loose?

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