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Wheel spacers? Anyone running them?

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Since I've lowered the SHO, it's even more apparent on how far the wheels sit under the car. I'm kicking the idea around of installing hubcentric spacers on the front & rear to push the wheels out a little. Anyone running a set or have looked into getting them?

The rears appear to sit farther in, so would need a slightly bigger spacer. Thoughts?

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How far out are you wanting to move your stock wheels? Would the spacers bolt on to the existing lugs and have their own bolts? If you are planning to use thee additional lugs with the spacers, you really can't go over 5mm. My 32 offset 9" wide wheels stick out about an inch further than the stock 8" 38 offset wheels. So I'm guessing that the offset you want with the stock width is in the 28-30 range.


If you look at my "Slicks on a Brick" thread you can see how the wider slicks fit in the front wheel wells vs the 40 offset ASA mesh wheels I am running on the back in the photos, (all around most of the time). While these tires are about 8% smaller than stock Flex 20's, I should mount up one of the 285x40x18 slicks on the rear to give a better view of the offset... May do this week.

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I am running spacers in both front and rear. I must in the front in order to clear my Wilwood big brake setup. With that I run a 1/2" thick Baer part #BAE-2000010. I did have to instal longer wheel studs to ensure proper thread contact. That wasn't a big deal, but could not find any the right length, so I had to buy long ones and cut them down. Pressing in and out of the hubs is no big deal.


For the rears I used a 1/4" spacer for appearance only and they were Baer part #BAE-2000008. No need for stud change, but I do run the extended lug nuts.


I have had NO issues or vibrations running this setup for the last year.







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Very nice wheels. Ride looks sharp!

Is your wheel offset a little different from stock? Your rear wheel sits perfect with just a 1/4" spacer. Quick glance at the rear in my SHO and it looks like at least 1/2" spacer is needed to get them where you're currently at.


Is replacing the wheel studs just a simple, remove caliper, rotor, and use a hammer to tap them out?

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