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2013 hp #s

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Dyno's are very subjective, means go 3 different shops and you will 3 different results. There are just way to many variables and how each shop performs there tests, but they are great tools for charting the performance of a engine thru its development. As to Ford using 87, I am sure they tested on varying grades of fuel. But how they came up with there numbers to publish are more political then anything, mainly for insurance reasons. Now as many manufactures have fudge numbers in the past, either under rating there numbers or over rating, is the subjective part about dyno's you can control your results. While I don't believe Ford over rated the cars HP, cause as told from engineers that developed the engine have seen numbers as high as 750hp during development before things went bad. Now thats the million dollar question, how?

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I did find a ford published document about an overboost feature on the focus st which is probably what you are referring to. But as crash said dyno numbers can vary based on the temp, the methodology used in dyno calculations, the brand of the dyno, the gear used, etc... The dyno is a tool to measure progressive development of your car over time with the various modifications and the biggest thing is it gives your tuner the ability to put a full load on the car to dial in the tuning without the need for street driving or a track to perform the same measurements. It feels good to see those big numbers, but ultimately the track should be your best gauge for what you did before and where you are now.

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