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I only have had my SHO for a few weeks and just discovered (read in the owners maunual) the "AdvanceTrac Off / Sport Mode" by holding the break and hitting the "Trac Control" button twice quickly. Has anyone tried this mode at the strip? How did it work for you.


I new about hitting it once for "trac control" off and holding it down for 5 seconds for "advance trac" off but not the quickly hitting twice while holding the break for "AdvanceTrac Off / Sport Mode". I have also tried shifter in "Sport Mode".


Any Comments would be helpful.

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Twice quickly just makes the Advance Trac less sensitive, holding for 5 seconds turns it completely off. Advance Trac is the part where it straightens you out if you get sideways, so it should have no real effect at the 1/4 mile.

With it off you could toss it around a twisty curvy track and get it to slide sideways, like the Carl Edwards commercials. With it partially disabled you can get the car to slide a bit, but it still corrects. I tested it out rather extensively this past winter.

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