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The creak has been found and is finally quiet

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I have had a strong creak from the front end ever since the engine was swapped. As in other posts my dealer blamed it on the H&R springs. So I switched to eibachs because another member stated that solved his creak from the H&Rs. The creak was still there. Dealer still blames springs and they won't fix it. Then they state it's the strut bearing. So I offer to pay to fix it and they still will not. So I put the bearing in with my friend. Still creaked. Now I have had it and gave them a bad review on fords survey. Then the dealer calls the next day after they get the survey and now want to jump through hoops. I took it to a different dealer, on the test ride with the tech, he stated it sounds like the cradle. 3 days later they said the whole subframe assembly was loose and not torqued down properly and the bushings in the rear of the subframe shifted. They replaced the stabilizer bar bushing as well. They took photos for me to show the original dealer and stated it was their fault after changing the engine. Now it's all quiet.

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