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Sync Acting up

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Just wondering if anyone has had problems with the Sync system. Mainly my issues are happening when trying to select music from the USB port. I used to be able to push the Sync button, have it switch to usb, and then select the Genre, Band Name, etc... Now all it does is turns to the USB, and exits the program.


Then when I am in the USB mode playing music the sync button does nothing. It wont even enter sync... Strange.


Is there a reboot or something similar, like removing the USB and then reinstalling it? I dont think it happens anywhere else in the system, but it just started.


Also, out of the bumper to bumper factory (40K), I do have an extended warranty bumper to bumper (non-ford), but I dont know how much it would do. I was told by the service dept that typically warranties will only cover if parts are replaced, and this seems to be a software issue.

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My '13 hates my ipod hooked up to USB. It completely freezes, causing me to reset the system, which makes me lose all my GPS destinations. It won't always go to playlists or artists, the album covers are sometimes screwed up, the display doesn't always show on the dash portion of the display. Once I reset the system, it works but there is always some type of glitch until it freezes again.


Everything else seems to work properly (knock on wood).


My '10 was flawless. Oh well.

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I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I used to play my tunes via bluetooth via phone. Every now and then SYNC would freak out and not connect a phone and required a factory reset. Switched to a USB thumb drive and it's behaved so far.


Except for that one time the audio volume got stuck on a road trip and wouldn't adjust. Required me pulling off and "restarting" my car.

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Have you guys gone to syncmyride.com. You will find sync my iTunes install this program and run it with your iTunes account. It will solve a lot of the issues, not all but a lot. Also DO NOT download your contacts to sync it will slow the system down and cause those freezing issues.

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