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IA keyless start intermittent range issue

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I had the no key detected yesterday while the car was running(2011 SHO). That's only happened twice, and not a big concern as a simple unlock/lock and the key was sensed. However, I noticed both key fobs only want to work very close to the car. From far away, I can press lock 10 times and it may lock once or twice. I bought new batteries and changed them today in both fobs. Still, the same issue persists. So, the fobs can probably be ruled out. The fobs work on every key press inside the car though. I actually also have a new car battery as of 2 months ago, and I verified that with the car off, its around 12V.

The only electrical add ons I have are the 5 dome light bulbs are LED's. I doubt that's causing any issue as the fobs work flawlessly inside the car. So is there anything else that could possibly be causing that? Or is this also a trip to the dealer/fix under bumper to bumper?


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