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Pulsing Vibration finally fixed

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It's been kind of a nightmare dealing with this problem. But it's finally fixed. It ended up being the RDU. Here's a list of the parts ford already replaced before the RDU 1 wheel Entire driveshaft assembly All four wheel/hub bearings PTU assembly AWD control module RDU Total time for all repairs, troubleshooting, waiting for parts. ford had my car for 8 weeks!!! The RDU is built by ZF to order, so they do not have them in stock waiting for shipment. Oh and I replaced all 4 michelin tires with new michelin mxm4. Michelin gave me a 50% credit on 3 of them. So if you have a pulsing vibration above 50mph ...........IT'S THE RDU!!!!!

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Ya, I remember seeing that. I was just asking because I recently experienced rapid tire wear only in the rear on new tires and from the outside towards the inside. Alignment was with-in spec and I was getting some noise and a slight resonating vibration but not sure if it was the tires as they wore or a symptom of the issue causing the wear. Your post peaked my interest.

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What does RDU stand for? I have real bad pulsing above 50mph :(

However, I believe that it has only been there SINCE I got my new tires. I got the tires from sears and I have had them rebalance them about 4 times. I figured it was the tires, or a broken tie rod or something? But, I just had a state inspection and they check tie rods and stuff and I passed the inspection..


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You have an SEL? Is it pulsing or just vibrating? Anyway' date=' could be wheels that are tightened too much or bent. Usually 50-60 mph is where one starts noticing issues.[/quote']


SEL yup. I have had wheels rebalanced and rotated 4 or 5 times. only ~8k miles on them (tires). It seems to be the front end that has something wrong with it, don't think it is the wheels. When I have them rotated the vibration moves to the back for about 100 miles and then it comes back to the front.


I would have had it looked at by now, but the "local" stealership is 30 miles away, and I won't EVER go there again. I had an 08 fusion 4cyl 5 speed, which was about 4k miles from running out of warranty. I lost power/had trouble shifting and had a weird smell in the car. I parked it for about 30 minutes and I had a pile of fluid (which I learned was tranny fluid) in my driveway. I had it towed to this dealership to have it fixed. Something broke in the transmission and went through the casing of the transmission. They had my car for 3 weeks, and of course didn't give me a loaner or anything since I didn't buy it there. Why did they have it for 3 weeks? Because they had to order the part, and then the guy who took the tranny apart forgot how to put it back together so they had to bring somebody else in to put it back together. I got the car back and it idled really weird, it would almost stall by itself. I drove it the 30 miles to my house and it still idled weird, I called this dealership to tell them (it didn't do this before I took it to them, btw) and they said that it was probably just the alternator recharging the battery because they had the battery disconnected while the car was there.. drive it around a couple days and if it is still happening then let them know. I drove it around 2 days and it was still happening. I told them and they said bring it up and they would look at it. I took it up and had them look at it.. they said there was nothing wrong with them, it wasn't giving them any codes or anything. They wouldn't/"couldn't" do anything about it. I traded that in which made me really sad because I loved that car (my first car, btw..). Also, they never called me once to tell me progress on the car, I had to call them. Didn't even call me to tell me it was done..I had to call them.


Now on this taurus I had an issue with the license plate cover/holder getting moisture in it and shorting the bulb and rusting. I took it back to this dealership to BUY a new holder and found out that it is $30 so I said I wanted it covered under warranty. They said they had to take pictures and submit them to ford to see if they would cover it. It was a saturday and he said he couldn't submit the pictures until monday. He took his pictures and said he would let me know on monday, the answer would be real quick. I didn't hear anything back on monday, or tuesday.. or even wednesday.. so I called them on wednesday and they said "oh yeah.. the pictures were blurry we need to take more".. yeah, when were you going to tell me? maybe you should of checked the pictures BEFORE i left on saturday, huh? So, I go get the new pictures taken, and I said I was going to wait there for the answer since the other guy (who wasn't there that day) said that ford replies real quick. He said "oh.. it's never quick.. probably best to come back tomorrow". So I went to drive some cars on their lot with no intent to buy obviously, if they were going to screw me AGAIN then I'd joy ride in their cars. Went back 35 minutes later after joy riding and he told me no answer yet, let him refresh the page.. he did that and said they could do it. But not right then, I would have to schedule an appointment.. We had some words and I finally got him to give me the stupid light so I could put it in in their freaking parking lot since I knew it would only take 30 seconds rather than waste my time and gas driving back up there again just for them to install it and probably mess something else up on my car.


The next closes ford dealership is about 37 miles away.


/end rant

sorry if it didn't make sense :P

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i know this is old but im going through a vibration issue on my 13 mks ecoboost . They replaced the driveshaft saturday , said was fixed, i picked it up and it does the same thing . It has new tires they have been road force balanced twice . I wonder if my rdu is going 


I thought the rdu didnt work unless the vehicle needed the rear wheels to turn . I know the driveshaft spins all the time but does the rear diff spin or part of it . 

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