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Pulled the trigger on TSW Nurburing's and General G-Max tires

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So after having BE Breyton 20"s that weigh close to stock for 2 years and more curb marks than I would like on them I opted today to switch to the 20" TSW Nurburings and General G-max tires. The salesman says Continental actually makes General, and I had read some positive reviews on them so I figured I would opt for them. Between the tires and wheels the rotating mass should be cut by close to 15lbs a corner, in my last car (G8 GXP) that was dramatic in stopping, going, and even steering the wheel. Does anyone think this como will be a good performance gain on a SHO PP?

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I have General G-Max tires on my 06 Mustang GT. I really like the grip and ride. Only I don't like is they have a

kinda of soft sidewall. Be VERY careful of curbs, even a light hit will blow them out. Get a Road Hazard warranty.

What are going to do with the old rims?


Brian S.

10 CinnaSHO


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