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Rear rotor information Q

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Hi guys. Looking for someone who may know about any changes to the 2013 with regard to what the rear rotors are now.


My current cross ref info does not yet have 13 data. The older rotors are about 10mm wide and have a shallow offset or about .800".


Working on a rear kit for a client here I'm looking at a 1.10 wide rotor. Then of course the aluminum hat. (non p-brake etc yes)


Right now the height (not including the face) is about 1.200" tall. If we use a 1.10 rotor that makes for a very shallow alum hat. I'd like to move the entire assembly inward more for wheel clearance. I do not know how much room we have going inward to take advantage of. If we use a .500" hat for example we'd be at 1.600" and well beyond the current inset.


The question obviously now is 'how much room do we have to spare' ? What's the first point of contact and how far inward is that from the back side of the current solid disc?


I'm hoping someone can tell me the new rotor is vented and wider etc etc. But with the same hat offset.


Anyone have some info?

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