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Car will start with extra key in trunk

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I normally take an extra key with me while I'm on a trip out of town, but this weekend I noticed that when I would lock my car before getting out it, it would beep and not lock until I did it again once out of the car. Then it hit me, I had my luggage in the trunk with my extra key in my overnight bag. When we returned from our sightseeing I had my wife unlock the car from a distance and I went up and got in the car. Sure enough it started!!!


From now on I'll give her the other key to carry and will not leave it in my over night bag.


I wonder how may of use do this same thing?


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I would hide an extra key on trips also inside my other car. It doesn't really work though with this system. I think there is a way to lock the car (maybe using key pad on door) with a key still inside, but I don't trust this. Too easy for someone to still break in then just start the car.

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