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Engine Light blinking,A/C noise,water drip inside.

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I recently bought a 2010 ford taurus sho. When i was driving it home from the dealership in a another city (300kms away) I was going down a highway and i was quite impressed with the car but i went to see what it could do so i passed some guy and gave it a nice amount in gas and when it went to about 115-130 it felt like the power was like cutting out almost like a slipping sensation. The engine light blinked a few times then it turned off and the car felt fine. This has happened 2 more times since i got it When i look in the owners manual it states this is a misfire.

The car runs fine most of the time and have pushed the car many times and it feels good now its slowly gotten better it would seem. Ive have the car for 2 weeks and its happened 3 times.


One thing that bugs me all the time is this scratchy sound when i start the car and the ac is on. Its really noticable and irritating. its like 3-4 scratchs then stops then repeats goes away it would seem after driving a few minutes but will randomly pop up.


Also i was waiting for a friend outside in the rain and i had the sunroof tilted while i was smoking in the car no water appeared to go into the lining or the sunroof but obviously some did. I woke up the next day to go get my morning coffee and the Right side pillar where it connects at the roof was dripping water this was very alarming as the leather and the vinyl can get pretty screwed up. I dried up the water and felt like under the liner in the sunroof towards the pillar and i can feel some small amounts of water in the plastic. I hope it doesnt start dripping again its been raining for 2 days straight and i did confirm that the sunroof was closed.


Im bringing it in to from what i hear is the best dealership in my city on Monday and im hoping they can have solutions to these problems. Im wondering if all the TSB's have been done seeing as some do look like they might be part of some the the issues. will they do tsbs for free?

11-08-19 - 3.5L GTDI ENGINE RUNS ROUGH, HESITATES, SHUDDERING WITH MISFIRE DTCS P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306 OR P0316


Any help or advice for when i goto the dealer would be greatly appreciated I did buy the ESP premium care for 3 years so i hope any issues i have can be resolved without much cost to me.

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