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Speedometer intermittently inaccurate even after tsb 10-18-7 was applied

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Hello Everyone,

Help!! I am checking to see if anyone had experienced an issue where this TSB did not fix their speedometer issues.

I have a 2010 SHO and in December of 2011 I was having an issue were the speedometer would display inaccurate speeds. For example the needle would either point at 10 - 30 mph while at highway speeds or point at 60 while at a complete stop. I brought the car to the dealership and they updated the instrument panel cluster in accordance with TSB 10-18-7. I was under the impression that this update had fixed the issue however, i noticed the problem returned.

on one occasion I was driving to work doing the speed limit (60 MPH) and for some strange reason i was passing cars like i was drivring 90. Feeling that something was wrong, I slowed down to match my speed to what the average motorist was driving. My speedometer was now pointing at 40. I then turned on my cruise control and set it to 60. The speedometer moved slightly but was still pointing at around 40 - 45. to further verify my speedometer was acting up I pulled out my phone and turned on my GPS speedometer app (Ulysse speedometer pro). The app showed that i was traveling at 68MPH. I pulled over, turned the car off and back on and continued down the road the speedometer was now accurate.

Has anyone else who had the TSB performed noticed that the problem returned? or never went away?

and Has anyone figured out how to replicate the speedometer issue on demand rather than having it happen intermittently?





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