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New here and mod questions

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Just placed an order for my fully loaded, deep impact blue 2014 SHO w/ performance package. Don't have a build date yet but I'm already looking for modifications. I currently own a 2011 Camaro SS/RS that is heavily modded. I've done all the work myself and its been a fun project. I sold it privately for quite a bit of $$ that will help fund the new SHO build. My Camaro is a top award, best show winner and has gained national attention. Its time for a change and I wanted something with more luxury, family friendly as I'm a single mom of 7 yr old twins but something fast and fun too. I think the SHO will be perfect. Im already planning window tint, exhaust, CAI, carbon fiber mods, lowering kit and a chin splitter when I take delivery. Problem is I'm not having much luck finding many of these items. Anyone have any recommendations on where to look and what brands are best? I plan to make this a show and track car. Thanks and look forward to getting to know you all as my build begins in 6-8 weeks :)

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Welcome & congrats Angie! I would recommend you head over to ecoboostperformanceforum.com and ask there. Most of the activity is there nowadays. I think the biggest challenge for your project will be what changes have occurred between the '13 and '14 models. I am thinking minor, since '15 is rumored to be a redesign year.


Exhaust, CAI, lowering springs are well documented through the '13s. There are some body kits around, not many installed that I have seen. BPD1151 has done some of the most aggressive body-related mods that I have seen, and his current toy is a multi-award winning SHO.


A tune is a must for any SHO of this generation for unleashing true potential.


Fueling options are being addressed.


Look forward to seeing you over there!

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