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45k warranty repair update - 2011 Taurus SHO

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Just as a record in case other people have the same issues:


Just had to have my PTU repaired because it was leaking oil (I think they replaced a gasket on it).

Also had a motor in the driver's side mirror replaced as the mirror would be pointing toward the ground two out of three times I would get back into the car.


Both were covered under my extended Ford factory warranty ($100 deductible).


I've been smelling burnt oil in the cabin, which I think is related to the PTU leaking.


Also, the front alignment is out and both front tires have worn out just on the insides of the tires, whereas the outside looks ok. So I think that's the camber? Tomorrow I'll be getting a new set of four Eagle RS-As installed. I Believe the tires were new when I bought the car at 25k, so that means I got about 24k out of these tires. I'm kind of mad about it since Ford had re-aligned the car less than six months ago.


I had the tail lights replaced under warranty for peeling chrome about five months ago.


I think I posted here before when the front driver-side wheel bearing was replaced about 5k ago.


Outside of the tires, everything has been covered under warranty.


The car is running very well though (although sometimes is seems to shift weird under hard acceleration, like it suddenly revs like it was in neutral then catches). Still crazy fast.



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