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Retrofit help?!

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Well i have the halogen headlight assembly and to buy the hid (xenon) headlight assembly is more than I'm willing to spend. So the next alternative is to do a retrofit and instal a new projector and i am just curious what size of projector i need or what kit i need?

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Ahh my friend I have done this! My SHO is a Canadian model which came with Halogen projectors from the factory, I have a write up I did on another forum that I will link below. I am planning on doing a full how to in the near future. This mod is not for the faint of heart though, you will need as you probably know have to separate the headlight assemblies apart. I will post the how to here also. I used the EVOX-R projectors (D2S bulbs), if you have OEM Ford Hid you will have to buy ballasts with the projectors to go with your new bulbs. The OEM ones will not work with the D2S bulbs. I actually bought a set of new take off headlight assemblies so I could take my time with them. But the results are nothing short of amazing!

Low Beam


High Beam




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