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different ways to turn up the boost

Turbo Transformer

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The very first modification to any turbo car should be turning up the boost - period.

Ideally, tuning your ECU is the most seamless way to do this. However, when a direct download to the ECU is not possible, there are other ways to turn up boost.

I want to share with this forum, a modification to that effect - Turbo Transformer. Currently, there are several Fiesta ST/SFE, Focus ST and several Hyundai Genesis turbo Coupes with this add-on power chip with good results and testimonials.

Here are a few videos that summarize what it is and how it works -







Powerchips have a bad reputation and in many cases for good reason (because they don't do anything).


But turbo cars are different - in this case, such a chip is a perfectly legitimate option. And when a tune is not available for your vehicle, such as a Cobb or SCT, this may be your only option if you want a few extra psi from your ecoboost.


Furthermore, a direct download to your engine controller will leave a trail (for lack of a technical description) and your warranty may come into question if the dealer sees multiple downloads or a non-Ford file flashed.


I have been working on my design for a year now and I finally went for sale in July 2014 and have mainly focused on the Focus (no pun intended) and the Fiesta ST/ SFE platforms since these were the earliest ecoboosts for which I could find a fitting connector. Even the most skeptical people are taking a second look - here is an example of one such hard critic's VERY THOROUGH REVIEW after he got a chance to evaluate the product.


Here is a list of compatible vehicles that this will fit (V6 eecoboost engines are not compatible since they have a different connector plug) and I have only 2 pcs as of today.


Escape FWD/AWD 1.6L ecoboost

Escape FWD/AWD 2.0L ecoboost


Edge FWD 2.0L ecoboost

Explorer FWD 2.0L ecoboost


Focus ST FWD 2.0L ecoboost


Fiesta ST FWD 1.6L ecoboost


Fiesta / Fiesta SFE 1.6L ecoboost


Fusion FWD 1.6L ecoboost


Fusion FWD/AWD 2.0L ecoboost

MKZ FWD/AWD 2.0L ecoboost


Special Service Police FWD 2.0L ecoboost

Taurus FWD 2.0L ecoboost

MKT FWD Livery 2.0L ecoboost


Taurus FWD 2.0L ecoboost

MKT FWD Livery 2.0L ecoboost


Transit Connect Van 1.6L ecoboost

Transit Connect Wagon 1.6L ecoboost


Still to confirm


Mustang 2.3L ecoboost

Mustang Convertible2.3L ecoboost

Mustang SFE 2.3L ecoboost



I look forward to any feedback or suggestions.



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