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Lamin-X Headlight Tint (Smoke)

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So this weekend I got to work on getting my headlight tint on I ordered from Lamin-X. Project isn't really all that hard to do, its just a PITA because IMO it is a lot easier to work on the headlights when they are out so in order to do so you have to pull the bumper. Fortunately for me, I already had the bumper off due to doing my custom grill project.  


I purchased the Smoke kit which cuts light output by, they say, 10-15%. They also have a "Tint" kit that only cuts output by 5%. Lamin-X sends you everything you need besides a hairdryer/ heat gun. The tint is cut specifically for the Taurus and it is pretty spot on. They give you a little room one way or the other and even give you little tabs to hold on to when you are putting it on. 


My only suggestion on this project is, slow and steady. I may have to attempt to do this again because I got the film hot in a few spots so it s kinda wrinkly. I feel like it came out pretty good though. 










All buttoned up




And after a good cleaning the next day...





After driving with the tint on for the last couple days, I can see a difference, but not a huge difference. I am also running Morimoto 50w 5k HIDs so that helps things as well. Not sure if this would be a good idea on halogen bulbs, but as I stated, the kit does not cut light output by all that much. 



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