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Power Stop Big Brake Kit - Not for Track USE or for HEAVY Foot (ME)

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So i purchased a Power Stop Brake kit, and after about 4000 Miles and 1 Track Day

Here are the Results:  I wasted the Front Rotors and Pads after 10 Laps (at Mid Ohio)

Ran off the BIG back strait at about 70 MPH after 120 Plus, Because the petal went to the Floor

Did a bit of lawn mowing, and the car came out OK, Needless to say, I needed a change in underware

So the instructor laffed it off, PUT me in his race prepped 944, told me i did not need any brakes and

LATER i did 20 more laps, till i almost collected a few more cars in the rear at the same strait,  I WAS DONE


After the 80-100 MPH Flog home and a couple more miles, I heard the dreaded Grinding, Here is what was Left:





My mechanic and his Mech Buddies Say:

"Worst they have ever seen"

Notice the Even Rotor Discoloration


Any One Need a Test Driver to destroy Anything or Everything.....?


Jim T


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