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I have a 2013 SHO non PP that I drive daily. I have had it since March of 14 and 24,000 miles. It's just about to turn 48,000 and I would like to do a few minor things to it but am not sure if I will need to tune it once I'm done. I want to put my own cold air setup on the car and also take out the 3rd cat, as some on here have done, and put in an x-pipe there. I eventually will get a Livernois tune for the car but I don't have the extra funds at this time. The question is can I do the cold air setup and exhaust without tuning or is it going to mess up the stock tune?


I appreciate any help given. I have read quite a bit on the forum but honestly don't have enough time to read everything on here. The forum is very helpful. I also have an old 87 Turbo Regal and am used to modding vehicles but these newer ones are a bit more tricky with all the computer controlled stuff.



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