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Well, I just got out of my 41,000 mile 2009.5 Pontiac G8 GTX that I bought new and stepped into a new SHO.  I like it.  Totally different feel than the G8.  Looking at making the car "fast" low 12s high 11s.


Looks like making those numbers is not easy to do.  My G8 was a mid 10s car on street tires and pump gas.


So far in the 3 weeks I have owned her, I have the APS turbo upgrade, Meth injection, 3 Bar map, LMS tune.  I see the CAI/Downpipe/and exhaust don't do much over pushing out a little more sound.  So what am I missing?


Thinking about going and swapping out and doing a new Garrett turbo  setup.  Do they make good hard pipes?


Anyway.  I will give updates.  So far its getting LED lights from Drive Bright, I made matte black RS fender stripes, Lamin-x hood, headlight, trunk... clear film protector, G2 USA exact match caliper  paint kit for the UH Tuxedo Black Metallic, Rear window roof spoiler, LED switchback lights, and a few other goodies.  Once I get the minimum amount of posts in here, I will start doing some how-to things for you guys if you want to try them out on your own.

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Welcome to the forum, Adam, congrats on the new ride!  Mid 10's is quite impressive, but G8's are rare beasts :)


So you have a 2015, bought new?  You didn't mention it, but do you have the TStat installed also?  Your setup should easily do low 12's especially on a wellprepped track with a good DA.  May still need a little time to break-in though if very low miles.


You don't need a different turbo setup, you don't even need the turbo upgrade to get to the low 12's.  Just need to hook well, avoid the water box (since the SHO is AWD), no burnouts.  You will have to find the right rpm range to launch, and the right tire pressures for the conditions.


Are you running a 100% meth setup or 50/50 or ...?  Any symptoms of errors in the system, like it feels you don't have the kick when you step on the gas?


Use only top tier gas from a high turnover station.


And if you don't have timeslips, I would suggest getting a baseline established first at the track.  These cars are much quicker than they feel.

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