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How To: Roof Spoiler

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Roof Spoiler 1,244mm long 

Here is a quick how to on the roof spoiler.

Unlike me, you will want to wait for a sunny day to do the work.  You will need the following if in a cool area.

-Heat Gun ~Maybe a hair dryer will do

-Rubbing Alcohol prep

-Lint free towel

-5 minutes of your time.


1. Get the back glass clean

2. You can use the supplied 'wet nap' pad or I suggest using a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a lint free towel to wipe the top 5-6" of glass all the way across

3. IF WARM AND SUNNY SKIP TO 4.  Now you will want to warm up the glass some with a heat gun, or at least a hair dryer to warm the surface of the glass.

4. Peel off about 1/2 of the 3M tape and lay it close to the edge of the glass.  Bend the spoiler as it has a flex to it, to allow it to follow the curve of your glass.  

5. Peel the rest off and lay it down.  Press firm across the new panel to assure a secure fit.

6. COLD WEATHER ONLY Take the heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the panel and tape below to make sure it becomes sticky for a secure fit.

7.DONE.  Now admire your new work


After putting mine on I went for a spirited 141 MPH run in the car and it stayed on firm and secure.  Check out how beautiful the black matches up.  Add style to the SHO.




Using UH paint to get it close!







Peel and stick.












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