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How To: Lamin-X Clear bra Tinted tails clear headlights trunk protector

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First off. Some of this was EASY, others presented a challenge.  First, I would not recommend the door cup protector.  I could not get this item to work at all.  You can try your hand at it if you like part number F1542 cost $19.95.  That being said, the rest of the kit was amazing, and yet a little challenge for some parts.  Outcome is worth it though!


What you will need:

Rubbing Alcohol towel

Razor blades

Meguair's Quick Detailer

Heat gun



I will go over this real quick.  The kits come with a razor knife, spray bottle, credit card squeegee and a dry cloth.


I decided in place of soapy water to set the items with Meguiars quick detailer.  I used it to set "Big Bird" decals on the hood of my Trans Am and a few other projects.  It seems to work well.  That being said, I am sure you can use a water and liquid soap mix.


The EASY parts.  I did not order the full bra.  Just the hood piece. part  F1142 cost $49.95

1 clean surface

2. spray mix or Quick Detailer.  

3 Spray the back side of the film you are about to lay down to not allow finger prints.

4. Lay piece on hood, set in place

5. Use squeegee to force out all the spray.

6. use heat gun to make sure the drying adhesive surface does just that.

7. Small air/liquid pockets take the supplies cloth, put the squeegee behind it and press hard to force pocket to outside edge. DONE


To do the rear bumper trunk guard it is the same steps as above and just as easy. With one exception.  I had to trim off just a little bit on both ends as they were hanging off the rear bumper.  Maybe 1/4" of an in by about 4" long on either end. Part F1242 Cost $29.95  If you know how easy it is to get a scratch on the top of the bumper lip and want to protect it, this is the perfect product.  Th most bang for the buck product saver offered in all the pieces!


The headlights and tails were not for a novice or someone who gets frustrated quick.  I am sure someone who does window tint would install these with ease. but it can be done at home with basic tools and time.


The tails made the biggest difference to the car by far.  I got the lightest smoked tint they offer and it came out SEXY on the black SHO.  I did not want to go too dark and these are exactly what I was looking for.  Not sure it makes sense to buy the clear replacement for anything more than a little added protection. I wanted to tint my tails.  I have seen horror pictures of AVS Auto Vent Shade and the VHT Night Shade.  Too thick in spots, uneven, dull over time.  Some people have a paint shop spray them black lightly, but I see that as an accident waiting to happen.  Plus, this was you can revert back to OEM any time you would like without any issues. Gunsmoke is the color Part F242 Cost $54.95


I found it easiest to just lay the reflector pieces on without wetting them first.  Small, easy to align.  Peel and stick.


0. Lay your pieces out and decided what goes where.  Do a quick mock up.  You get the trunk mount light covers, exterior rear fender light covers, and lower bumper reflector covers. 6 pieces in all.

1. Clean the surface

2. Spray it and the film piece wet.

3.Lay it down and try to align.  The pieces mounted to the trunk lid were simple, but the contour lines on the outside pieces were a booger to get right.

4. Press outside tail light pieces around contours.  With the low setting on your heat gun, start pressing the piece in place.  Squeegee some while you heat.  DO NOT OVER HEAT AND MELT

5. This is a thick product like real thick 15-18 mils thick.  Good quality film, but you can still melt it with a heat gun so be cautious as you work.

5. lift up and re-lay the product to get out any bunched up parts always wetting the surface behind each time laying to back down to get it right.  

~I did this time and time again, eventually working the issue out to a corner and cutting a very small v notch and laying it back down which came out flawless.

6. trim and cut off both tabs and excess material.  The razor blade knife it comes with is nice, but I used a real razor since the material was so thick.

7. Squeegee out any remaining air and liquid pockets.

8. Enjoy


Headlights are the same thing with the same problem.  The shape presented a slight problem where the headlights bow out a little close to the outside portion and just the bend from top to bottom, but not as hard as the tails at all.  I went with clear to give the best visibility at night But protect it from rocks, winter salt, bugs and just other things that can pepper and pit the lens.  Have you seen how much the replacement housing/lens costs new?  What cheap insurance to help protect it. Part F042 cost $54.95


The light seems to shine out as much as before.  I had a fear that this thick clear plastic cover with reflect some of the light back in.  That is not the case here.  


I have to say I am really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the product.  I would give this a solid 4 out of 5.  If the door cups had fit, the rating might be higher.  The Outside of the tails and the headlights are harder to work with and instructions are basic.  HOWEVER, I called the help light on the tails, and they really wanted to help.  He asked if I had tried X Y and Z.  Said if I was still having issues to send him a picture and they would trouble shoot it as a team to try and help me make it right.  So Customer service, Shipping was both free and quick with orders over $75 which made the overall experience a 5 out of 5 star.




This is just the trunklid done with the outser fender side in OEM.  Subtle, yet darker.  Looked amazing when done



Trunk lid not totally closed.  Passenger side done.  Driver side stock



Another of just the passenger side done



Always support a quality company



Both sides complete



Hard from any distance to see the clear bra.  I had to find an angle and be within 2 feet for it to show up







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