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How To: G2 USA Caliper paint system the brakes for a clean look

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https://www.g2usa.com/ is the site.  check them out.  Good group with a great product.  Just like the title says it is a kit that allows you to transform your dull, rusty, plain... calipers to make them stand out, blend in, or just be unique.  I decided to go color match to go with the cop cruiser style theme I ant for car shows and all.  Tell me that they would not have just popped in bright red, yellow, Hell lime green even.  The color match really makes the wheels stand out even more and the brakes blend in.  


I had an issue.  Not sure if it was a batch thing or what, but my calipers were surface rusting on my new Taurus SHO.  I wanted something stylish that would also protect thee calipers from the elements that were already in under 1500 miles taking a toll on my car.  I have used this brand on 5 previous vehicles and so it was a no brainer to get them on the line to get another kit made and then sent out to me.


Anyway, on with the SHOw.  The kit comes with brake cleaner, stir stick, paint brush, paint, and activator chemical


Tools Needed:


Jack Stands

Lug nut wrench



blue painters tape

High heat rust-oleum flat grille paint



-First mix the activator in with the paint  Takes 5 minutes once mixed to set up

-loosen the bolts on one side a little

-jack up and use stands.  Hate to see your hydraulic jack give out with the wheels off your car

-Finish taking off the lugs and remove one sides wheels

-Once off, you can blue tape off rubber items or things you don't want to get paint on

-Spray the brake cleaner all over it will dry in under 30 seconds on its own.  Make sure they are fairly clean from brake dust

-Mix paint again, and go to town on it with a brush.

(look at many different angles to make sure you do not leave anything out.  There is enough paint to do them twice over and still have material left)

*Go wash your wheel inside and out while you wait on the paint to cure some.  You will have some small bubbles on what you just painted.  They will go away, but may require additional touch up. Dry wheel and check on your progress.

-Put the wheels back on, tighten back down the lugs.  Lower car, and finish putting the lugs back on tight.

-Move to the other side and repeat 

-Wait a few hours for it to cure before really driving the car.


*I used the grille paint to hit parts of the rotors and all where you could see with the wheel back on.  (Big difference on the back rotors) 


Now you have so fresh so clean rims, and painted calipers.  They suggest that you wait when putting the wheels back on the car.  I like to only jack one side of the car up at a time. After you paint, wash the wheels, then go take a look to see if anything is needs touched up before bringing the wheels back over to put back on the ride.


Below is some before and after shots.  Check out the surface rust.  I also had to order one for my wifes built Chevy Equinox LTZ (Fun SUV 2.4L (175HP) removed for 2.0L (340HP) LNF turbo engine).




Check out the rust.  Not cool on a new car.  Not cool on any car.  Made the car look cheaper 

Even the rears



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