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No updated valve covers to date for the 2010-12 series, only for 2013+, so that's out.


Clean the intake tubing, check for loose clamps/split hoses.  Clean the electrical connector with electrical connector, let dry, apply dielectric grease, reconnect.


Check the intercooler, there's probably an indecent amount of crud buildup there as well IF the oil you mentioned is pooling and not "misting".  Drain intercooler periodically.


Use a low volatility full synthetic oil (compared product data sheets for Amsoil, Royal Purple, Valvoline, Castrol, etc.).  This can decrease the amount of oil circulating in the PCV system.


Do oil changes sooner, maybe every 5K/6 month intervals.  Use the severe duty schedule mentioned in the owner's guide if you like.


If this still doesn't help, a catchcan mounted in the coolest location (usually the fenderwell) might be an option.

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