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Yet another gauge thread

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Hopefully not frustrating anybody too bad for overkilling this topic, but I've been searching for what feels like forever and still very unsure of this install. There is good information that I've learned, but I still have a ton of questions.

Like many people, I ordered that beautiful pod from crash quite a while ago. Haven't really had time so it's been sitting in the garage for a few months and now I'm sick of looking at them not being installed. Shop wants $500 to install, which seems crazy for something that should be a pretty straight forward process.

Right now I have Boost, AFR narrow, and Oil Pressure. They also mis-shipped a Volt gauge, told me to keep it, but don't really care about that.

Boost seems to be pretty straight forward. I've seen quite a few pictures of peoples installs, and where to put the T. Just need to go buy the parts and that one should be the easiest.

Oil pressure is causing me a bit of concern. I've heard to tap into an existing oil line, I've heard to drill out an bolt, and I've been told to buy an oil filter adapter. It came with its own sender --- Which way is the best, the simplest?

Then AFR. Yes I know wideband is obviously better in every way, except of coarse for price. I already have the narrow, and money is a bit tight right now. In the future I'll be looking to upgrade to a wide, but for now what is the easiest way to install? I've found the stock 02 sensors, can I just tap into one of their wires? This gauge did not come with anything and the instructions simply say tap into the "sensor wire" I have a 2010, how can I find out which one is the "sensor wire"

I've also been told that these cars come with wide band from the factory, and a narrow will not work, is there any truth to that?

Once again, I apologize for creating the million and tenth thread about gauges. Very confused and could really use some help/straight up answers.

I greatly appreciate your responses and help. Pictures would be awesome.


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