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401A vs PP vs ACC

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I'm considering buying this SHO. My 2010 caught fire a couple of years ago and I've finally convinced the wife to let me get another one. It appears this one is a non PP and non ACC. Am I right? Would I miss either of those greatly? I would plan on tuning it and probably nothing else, unless I need to upgrade brakes. 


I appreciate any tips or responses.

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Oh no!  So sorry to hear!  Did they figure how how the fire happened?  Turbo/oil feed line issue maybe?


If the "new" SHO you are looking at is also a 2010, then a tune will definitely take away the non-PP/PP disparity.  If 2013+, there are a bunch of upgrades along with the gear ratio when you get the PP-equipped version (engine/transmission cooling, brakes, suspension).  You can bring over most of these upgrades to the 2010-12 MY units.


The ACC is most important if you drive a lot, and highway miles at that.  People that do use this feature speak very highly of it.

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I believe it was a cooling fan that failed. Insurance totaled it and I wasn't hurt...I did have a tune, so I didn't ask many questions. I'm going with a 13 or newer. I just wanted to re-familiarize myself with the different packages. Thanks!


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