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Airfilter 2013 SHO

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Thank you for the reply. The AEM is 30 bucks cheaper, but I was looking for the AFE pro dry synthetic or the Amsoil dry synthetic panel filte..... which after you responded I found and now I know they a just 2013 taurus sized panel. For reference I tried multiple cai, cone set ups ram air, under the car,closed box etc airfilter combos looking for the best throttle response, mpg, hp...low end and upper end and temp...used four cars over 10 yrs, 99 Buick Regal GS with supercharger-underdriven, headers, intake, exhaust....09 G8 GT cold air box, open cone,vararam cai, Gutted stock box with afe panel vs cone in Gutted box. 011 mustang gt 5.0, dodge Magnum rt hemi stock except cai's tested on it. The overall winner was the vararam, cold air charge and could compress .75 lb boost above 60mph.winner winner chicken dinner. Next was any stock box was to connect to outside air, enlarge this opening, keep top sealer off from inside hood air, use a AFE or AMSOIL dry synthetic flow panel or cone in the gutted box work over better then 80 aftermarket cai. This is same plan for my 2013 SHO PP, keep seal, enlarge, bring more cold air in add AFE or AMSOIL dry cone or filter panel....with aTune, 3bar, 170 thermo and 534 plugs at .030 or .032.

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