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Faint ticking heard while car is under load (while driving)

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So I have a 2013 SHO nonPP. I hear a faint clicking noise while driving. The sounds speeds up when accelerating and the slows down on deceleration and then disappears while in the stopped position. The clicking noise can only be heard while the windows are down and when you are on a quit street or close to walls, buildings, guard rails, cars, etc....


The sound cannot be duplicated while in park or neutral while revving the engine. Only makes the sound while under load.


Could it be the impeller wheel on one of the turbos? Is it a tranny problem? Any help is appreciated.


Car runs great.


Mods are only the LMS Stage 1 kit with tune.

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Have you had the passenger side front driveshaft checked?  There was a recall not too long ago on a faulty circlip or something to that effect.


More likely, it is the hub/bearing that needs replacement.  A common failure part for these SHOs.  OEM replacement may last, may not.  If you can find a replacement by SKF or Timken, you might be better off.

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