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A little background: I bought a 2011 Taurus SHO at the end of June, since then Ive regretted it. AFTER buying the car, i found out it had been modified, Tuned, intake 3 bar MAP and high flow downpipes. With all of this it still wouldnt do any better than about 5.4 to 60. There are other issues, some i should have found during the test drive some that wouldnt manifest on the backroads i took. The trans likes to hard shift into 4 and is extremely slow ~2-3 seconds downshifting into 3rd. If its in stop and go or city driving for a while the shifting goes haywire, it holds gears at 1600 RPM even with half throttle, it jerks into gears jutters etc.

The engine: Idled bad, had periods where it was always hesistating, and i ended up getting the oil pressure sensor replaced.
I took it into a dealer a few weeks ago to get the oil pressure issue, and trans fixed under warranty. They blamed a bad wiring harness (saying it had been smashed) for the trans issues. They did fix the oil pressure sensor. they also said it was running really bad, which i figured at the time was just the car being how it is. being qouted 3k for repairs not covered under my bumper to bumper i had the car sent back the seller to have them figure it out. they say that the harness is smashed but there are no exposed wires and its not an issue. ( no idea who to believe)  the also said i had bad MAP readings and blamed the trans on that. I get the car back and its barely driveable I swapped out the map for another 3 bar and it didnt work, so i put a 2 bar OEM on and it was fine meaning it had been reflashed by one of the dealers. I just cant prove which one.


The car actually ran really well for about 4 days. No stutter no hesitation, smooth linear power. Even if it was doing a 6 second 0-60.

Yesterday it started raining, i drove the car for about 5 minutes and got into stop and go traffic and it just fell apart, it started holding gears it shouldnt, hard shifting, idling really bad, hesitation and something new, it felt like i lost a bunch of power (id compare it to my 170hp jetta at that point) I pulled out the torque app and connected to my obdii bluetooth, and started monitoring things and noticed the temp was staying around 100*C the fans werent on either.
I know in most cirumstances ive been reading about 82* C  I dont know if the heat is related to the engine or not.
Another thing ive noticed, my tpms will spike to 70-80% when i WOT, but then hovers around 40%

There are no codes besides the p0420 code for the racing cats. both dealers told me i have good trans fluid and levels. i am running premium fuel.

I would love any input on possible causes, As things developed i spammed the SHOforum, so i made a single post here.

my main concern is how its running.

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