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I've searched high and low and can't really get a definitive answer.  I've got a 2010 sho non pp, went to the track after I had some downpipes made and I cannot get traction to save my life, I thought it grabbed and went on one run, but still only mustered a 2.2 60'.  I just put the car in the air, dropped it in drive, 3 wheels spun, i applied the parking brake about half way, and it had no problems powering through it.  Figured i'd do a hard reset just for grins, disconnected the battery, held both cable ends together for about 30 seconds, hooked it back up and took it for a drive.  for 3 pulls launching at 2,000rpm, it hooked and had no wheel spin, awd worked fine..on the 4th run, it was just a smoke show and lit up the front tires.  could the clutches in the rear end be going bad?  I'm gonna try to change the rear diff fluid tomorrow.  anyone else have this happen?

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