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Electricl problem (alternator)

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Hi everyone,

I've got an electrical problem with my 2011 Edge. I noticed that the alternator started working poorly (as I noticed that the pattery won't charge the proper way). Buy at the same time I know, that the alternator itself (including teh alt brushes) is in good condition as I recently serviced it. So I was wondering if there is a chance that the battery cables (or connectors only) could cause it? Because I believe that's the case, and if so, what do I do to determine that it's the exact problem... Also, I think whether I may replace the wiring connectors separately, without having to replace wires if these are still fine?

Any help is appreciated, as I am not the tech guy, to troubleshoot electrical failures....


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Welcome to the forum, LetItDrive, just curious how you heard about it :)


Do you have the 3.5 or the 3.7L engine?  Anyway, more than likely a battery replacement is due, especially if it has never been changed.  3 yrs is the normal lifespan.  Aside from that, connectors at the terminals should be clean and properly secured.  Sometimes the battery case will leak and cause other issues, so another reason to look closely for a cracked case, don't want wiring harnesses burnt away.


Get yourself a Solar BA7/BA9 tester to help determine if the alternator is working correctly.  You should also try charging the battery overnight with a (no more than 10A) charger if all else looks good.  Any major retail auto parts store can check the battery/alternator status for you.


If you replace the battery, you have to reset the Battery Management System so it can relearn the new battery's characteristics.  Otherwise it thinks it is dealing with the old battery and won't charge the new one correctly.

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Hi and thanks for a reply, man! Sounds like you know this electrical stuff ....

Mine is 2011 Edge 2.0 L 4-cylinder; and I already had the battery replaced once (around a year ago or so), it was when they did something about the alternator. That is why I thought that the problem could be about the actual connectors, as I noticed that there is some sort of whitish tincture on one... So I thought maybe I will go ahead and try replacing the connectors only (if it's possible to do without wire replacement) and then will see how it behaves...

Does that sound reasonable?

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Yes, connectors can be replaced.  But I am not sure what you are referring to as "whitish" tincture.  Is it anti-corrosion grease, or is it powdery and actually corrosion?  Post a couple of pics of the terminals to let us see what might be happening.  What brand battery, how many CCAs, and how much do you drive your Edge?  Installation of aftermarket electronics can sap battery power, as can failing SJB/BCMs.


Also what you might want to try is disconnecting the negative battery terminal for 30 min or more preferably right after you turn off the engine, then reconnecting it and letting the Edge sit undisturbed for at least 8 hours.  That should do a Battery Management System reset, and the PCM should charge the battery per its' characteristics rather than using the profile it learnt for the old battery.

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I guess it is a corrosion already, man, as it appeared after I left for a little over a month, and the vehicle was left in the garage. As for the battery, it is an Optima, which I've had for a year or so... Okay, I'll go ahead and try replacing the battery cable connectors first (https://www.carid.com/battery-cable-connectors/)...

And yes, again want to thank you for another cool idea, so will do what you said (disconnecting the negative battery terminal and leave it, as you said....) Hope this will work out.

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If it is corrosion, the simple fix is to clean the terminals.  Best to disconnect both terminals and clean them, so you can install felt washers underneath before reinstalling.  Then put some dielectric grease over the terminals for added protection.  Never had an issue this way.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing you how to clean up the terminals, but definitely buy the felt washers and apply the grease.  Permatex even has Battery Cleaner and Protector products if you want to go that route.


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