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Vibration and cyclical noise in front end

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Steve RuderNew Member

Hello fellow SHO owners. New to the forum. 
I have a 2010 SHO with about 77K miles. Getting a cyclical thumping or warmbling noise in the front end. It is getting louder. When I turn the wheel slightly to the right it is much quieter almost gone. Just replaced wheel hub/bearing thinking this was it. Still there. Any help out there as tonthe cause would be appreciated.
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Sometimes it is the strut mount/bearing and or the bolts that hold it in place are not properly tightened down.  I would rotate the tires, see if the noise moves with it.  Maybe the wheel is cracked/unbalanced.

Did you use OEM /Motorcraft bearings, or SKF, Timken ...?  Other aftermarket brands are often cheaply designed and fail quickly.  Did you replace the right bearing or the left bearing?

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